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arubymoon - Gratitude Flags - Thinking of You

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These Gratitude Flags are decorated with an original hand carved block prints including some words of comfort and encouragement. Each panel is created by hand with inspirational words and images. Perfect to show support or to honor an important event or milestone.

This listing is for a set of 7 flags. Each flag panel is approximately 3" x 5". The flag panels are cut with a rotary cutter, single sided and left unfinished on the edges. They will fray and fade over time, as is natural and in keeping with the tradition of prayer flags.

They are perfect to hang in your garden, your porch, your house, your room. They are a great way to send good thoughts, support, inspiration, or to show gratitude and support.

They are perfect to hang in a window, a doorway, a mirror, a mantle, a bulletin board, a wall. They are a beautiful and unique gift inspired by Tibetan Prayer flags, they are intended to be hung indoors or out and will send their beautiful thoughts, blessings and sentiments out to the world around.

Each set is hand crafted so subtle differences and unique imperfections may occur. Fabrics (color or patterns) may also be slightly different from the photos, but similar and equally beautiful.