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The Coffee Ride - Black Lightning Blend

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Tasting Notes: Bourbon, Earthy, Heavy body, Nutty
Roast: Dark

Are some of your favorite musicians Johnny Cash and Black Sabbath? Are you secretly routing for Darth Vader in Star Wars? Sounds like you have a little dark side and boy does The Coffee Ride have the coffee for you!

Their Black Lightning coffee is a rotating blend of South American beans that are all a little bit like you, enjoy being on the dark side. This coffee is the perfect balance of dark roast where you get the slight smokiness like a smooth bourbon, while still highlighting the dark chocolate notes of the beans original origin flavors.

This coffee is a perfect blending base if you like the boldness of a dark roast, but still enjoy the bright flavors that some of the medium and light roasted coffees have. Get creative and have fun by mixing this coffee with any of their other coffees to give yourself a personalized touch to your favorite beverage. Enjoy!